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Analytics & Data Services

Empower Your Team With The Right Data

Adopt best practices for data storage, business intelligence, and the lifecycle of analytics - All within the Workday platform. Active Cyber will help you unlock the data.

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Make Confident Decisions With Real-Time Data

Siloed sources that don't communicate often result in corrupted, inaccurate data that lead to uninformed decisions and wasted time and money.

With Active Cyber you can expand your dataset and implement a data-driven approach as you optimize your capabilities through a consistent data strategy.

Leave disparate data sources behind and take advantage of a unified platform that covers key data for better decisions and a better experience for your customers  — without compromising security.

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Unlock The Power of Analytics

Spend less time sourcing, aggregating, cleansing, and reconciling data and more time producing insights from current, reliable data that drives performance.

No coding experience required. Just an intuitive cloud-based data platform that lets you analyze and transform data for reporting, analytics or planning.

Role-based permissions and contextual security give access to anyone in your organization.


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Improve Bottom Lines Through In-Depth Actionable Data

The right decisions can be easily revealed through the right analytics. With Active Cyber you can uncover probability-weighted information and make decisions based on relevant scenarios and outcomes. Leave the guesswork behind and take advantage of existing data that your business will benefit from.

Create reports and dashboards so your entire team works from one source of truth. No matter what device, or location.


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Partner With A System-Agnostic Implementation Partner

No matter what system you work with, our deployment team is able to bring your data to life. Our experts will accompany you through the entire lifecycle of the project and offer continued support to help you understand your most important data.

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Are You Ready for Your Tech Transformation?

Modernization can’t be avoided, but it doesn’t have to be such a pain. Our team helps you get ahead, so you can be ready for the future today.

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