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January 22, 2024

Optimize Workforce Planning with Workday Adaptive Planning

In today's business landscape, managing expenses related to headcount is a critical aspect for organizations. This post explores the significance of effective workforce planning and introduces Workday Adaptive Planning as a game-changer in this domain.

Streamlining Workforce Planning Processes with Workday Adaptive Planning

Many organizations still rely on manual processes, such as updating Excel spreadsheets with each employee's salary, benefits, and tax data. This laborious approach not only consumes valuable time but also poses risks of errors and challenges in reporting. What if a solution could centralize and streamline workforce planning, enabling organizations to focus on value-added analyses rather than time-consuming tasks?

Enter Workday Adaptive Planning—a cloud-based dynamic planning software revolutionizing workforce planning. At Active Cyber, we believe in extending its use beyond the finance department, empowering entire organizations to embrace innovation.

Key Benefits of Workday Adaptive Planning for Workforce Planning

  • Efficient Data Integration: We seamlessly integrate data from your HRIS, ATS, SQL Server, and Data Warehouse into the planning models. This automated process ensures accuracy and saves a considerable amount of time.
  • Expanded Planning Capabilities: Organizations can progress along the maturity curve, starting with headcount and cost planning. After headcount and cost planning, we expand with our customers into skills-based capacity planning, succession planning, company culture reporting, and employee retention analysis.
  • Enhanced Communication Between Finance and HR: Communication gaps between finance and HR are common challenges. With Workday Adaptive Planning, these gaps can be bridged through seamless integration. Updates in hiring budgets or open job requisitions are instantly visible to both departments, eliminating the need for extensive back-and-forth communications.

Driving Efficiency: From Crawling to Running

Our approach to implementing Adaptive Planning is incremental, allowing organizations to crawl, walk, and eventually run with the system. This journey improves workforce efficiency on a daily basis.

Crawl Walk Run Infographic

Connect with Us for a Strategic Workforce Planning Transformation

Workforce planning is the next step in your planning and forecasting maturity curve. At Active Cyber, we take pride in witnessing our customers succeed by leveraging Workday Adaptive Planning for various use cases.

If you want to enhance your workforce planning capabilities, contact us at Take the leap towards a more efficient and strategic approach to workforce management with Workday Adaptive Planning.

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