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October 5, 2022

Workday Adaptive Planning with QuickBooks Desktop

Pull data to Workday Adaptive Planning from QuickBooks with ease, speed, and low cost.

Pulling Data Into Your Workday Adaptive Planning Sheets

From the simplest standpoint, what our SDK will allow you to do is to pull data directly into your Workday Adaptive Planning sheets on an automated cadence, or with the push of a single button. Increase speed of reporting and enhance planning by utilizing more data from your QuickBooks Desktop instance.

How excited would your administrators, planners, and analysts be with increased data, at a rapid speed for decision making, reporting, and creating visualizations in the planning platform they know and love? How happy would your Quickbooks Desktop and Workday Adaptive Planning administrators be if they could quickly and easily ensure timely and accurate data without having to build complex integrations, purchase another service, or go through the efforts of exporting data from one platform manually and then importing to another platform manually?

Technical Requirements: Virtual Machine – Preferably Linux, however Windows is also no problem. Please reach out to today to learn more about taking advantage of this product!

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