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September 7, 2023

Rocking Workday Rising: Top Success Tips for Attendees

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Rising! In true rock ‘n roll fashion, cue ‘It’s the Final Countdown’ because we are officially mere weeks away from Workday’s beloved annual user conference. Very soon the streets of San Francisco and halls of Moscone Center will be filled with changemakers from all over the US – customers, Workday Wizards, and partners alike all buzzing about the future of innovation, sharing their knowledge, and affinity of Workday with each other.


Being a newbie to the Workday Rising experience last year, I learned that preparation is key. With an action-packed week ahead of us all, it’s crucial to make the most out of your time professionally…while still having a blast.

My suggested approach for the week is:

  • This is a marathon and not a sprint.
  • Stay focused, organized, and intentional.
  • Remain open & fluid to new experiences & people.

Staying Proactive is the name of our game at Active Cyber. Whether you’re attending by yourself or with your team, below is a list of conference considerations for you to experience the most of Workday Rising:

1. Be intentional with your time - Structure with a little dash of creativity

Sign up for the sessions that will benefit you most but leave room in your schedule to branch out. As a leader, you’re thinking of long-term strategies for your teams and company - innovative ideas and perspectives spark from new experiences. Consider scheduling a few sessions that might be outside your zone of genius. To utilize your time wisely, get organized in advance.

  • Think through the challenges you’re facing and your future goals.
  • Plan your sessions & meetings now to solve specific challenges, but leave a bit of time to meander, seek new opportunities, and stay flexible.
  • Lean into being an ideas incubator for your team.
  • Document what you learn & share it while it’s fresh. Act fast for quick wins to make an impact.
  • Listen to absorb and understand.

2. Expand your network – No time to be shy!  

Rising is an incubator for ideas and innovation; there is no better time than this week to build lasting relationships. Leverage the power of the Workday network to cultivate your own community of resources to tap into at any time!

If you’re attending Rising with your team, be sure to align on expectations and form a plan. It’s helpful to “divide and conquer” content sessions and meetings with people and partners/vendors.

If you’re attending by yourself, this is the perfect time to be proactive and engage with others. Jump in and get involved. Speaking for our team at Active Cyber, we’re more than happy to welcome you in, and be a resource and a friend!

If you’re old school, bring a stack of business cards. As you meet others and exchange cards, note what they could help you with. You’ll walk away with resources to leverage post-conference. If you’re a digital nomad and don’t have printed cards, be sure to snag yourself a Dot Card to exchange contact info quickly. You can also use your QR code on LinkedIn to build connections & stay in touch.

Personally, I live and breathe in my Notes app – it’s a quick way to keep my content and reminders on connections organized. Create opportunities to share information with your team – compare notes of what you learned and who you met.

Be sure to download the Workday Rising Mobile App to quickly guide your conference experience! You can find details on sessions, navigate the show floor, access tools, and partake in fun activities!

3. Learn how to maximize your Workday investment

Lean on Workday Brain Dates, Communities & Ask the Experts, but don’t forget the exhibit hall is full of certified Workday partners who are there just for you!

Our team brings a lot of value to your Workday environments with experience in building, working in, and supporting these tools & processes for hundreds of customers every day across a vast range of industries. Take advantage of the Active Cyber custom Workday Workshops at the exhibit hall by snagging a 1:1 spot with a consultant. We will help you understand how you can tap into immediate optimization opportunities, answer any questions, and advise on best practices, along with presenting innovative options on how to gain ROI. Our Workday Wizards will help you on your journey – crafting your roadmap and paving a path to get you there successfully.

4. Don’t forget… HAVE FUN!

Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle so much that you don’t enjoy the experience. Soak it all up and fully lean into the energy of the week. Pace yourself during the week. Don’t forget to attend the Partner Sponsor parties like Active Cyber's Oktoberfest, where you can kick back with our team while sipping a cold pint. And don’t miss out on the Killers concert!

5. Wear comfy shoes.

You’re guaranteed to surpass your normal daily steps count. Enough said.

At the end of the day, keep it simple. This time is all about immersing yourself in the Workday community, and gaining a greater understanding of the ecosystem and what is available to you. As long as you have clear goals going into the week, you’ll come out successful. And always remember, wherever you are on your Workday journey, we’ll meet you there!


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