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Workday Financial Management

Unify & Manage Your Financials In a Single Platform

Optimize and automate your financial processes with our Workday Financial Solutions. With Active Cyber’s modernized deployment, you'll leverage Workday's capabilities to empower the finance team and the broader enterprise.

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Proactive Financial Management Transformation

Streamline financial processes, improve data accuracy, and provide real-time insights into financial performance all with Workday Financial Management. Utilizing this powerful solution, we help customers move off outdated ERP systems and ditch cumbersome spreadsheets for a modernized and optimized financial system. Empower your employees with a unified source of truth based on accurate, real-time data.

Our customers leverage Workday's powerful cloud-based capabilities of real-time visibility, improved accuracy, increased efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and insightful reporting & analytics capabilities for better-informed decisions to stay agile and proactively drive business growth. Active Cyber helps lead you and your financial team through this powerful transformation by deeply understanding your challenges and aligning to future state needs. 

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Leverage Our Expertise

We understand the complexities of your business and the effort required to deploy an enterprise system. You need a proactive partner to gain the full potential of your Workday Financial Management environment. Here is how we can help:

  • Future State Advisory & Gap Analysis
  • Design, Configure, and Deploy Workday Financials with alignment to outcome goals
  • Leverage Planning, Analytics, and financial data across your organization
  • Bridge the gap between Finance, Accounting, and HR departments
  • Provide training to increase adoption and utilization
  • Provide managed services for Workday Financials for the long term



Bridge the Gap: Finance and HR

Digital business transformation requires finance operations to improve collaboration and synchronization with other business functions to cope with increased business complexity. Collaboration between Finance and HR is usually an “afterthought”. It often results in internal struggles with data transparency and continuity stemming from a lack of unification on common goals and metrics, multiple tools and systems, time-consuming manual processes, and rapidly changing data.

Maximize efforts to become more cohesive by utilizing a single source of truth, like Workday, that allows for real-time visibility and continuous access to real-time data. 

Our team of top-tier Workday consultants and advisors is here to help facilitate these critical conversations. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations improve on planning processes, implement a centralized system, and unify teams resulting in better plan accuracy, accurate business insights, and improved agility to market fluctuations.

Customers that #GetActive

Get Proactive in Your FINS Deployment

Modernization can’t be avoided, but it doesn’t have to be such a pain. Our team helps you get ahead, so you can be ready for the future today.

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