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Accounts Payable
Revenue Defense

Delivering Accounts Payable Automation To Workday Customers

Introducing Revenue Defense powered by OneSource Virtual and ActiveCyber, a solution that helps businesses automate their financial processes, including invoice processing and payments. By using Workday’s reliable financials platform and Active Cyber’s deployment solutions, Revenue Defense enables customers to eliminate manual tasks in Accounts Payable, speed up payment cycles to vendors, and gain valuable insights into spending patterns across different categories, units, and vendors.

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A Solution That Works For You And Your Needs

Revenue Defense not only reduces invoice processing costs but also helps modernize payment methods, leading to annual rebates for customers. This means significant return on investment that can be used to cover software and deployment costs or invested in other areas of the business.

If you want to streamline your financial operations, gain data visibility, and enjoy direct cost savings, Revenue Defense with Workday Financials and Active Cyber is the way to go.


What is Revenue Defense?

Through the continued utilization of Workday for a single workflow through payments, Revenue Defense allows you to see significant cost savings by moving from check to electronic payments, better supplier relationships as suppliers get a simpler payment option with detailed remittances, and reduced risk as payments are reviewed for validity.

When you add invoice pay and supplier management, you get many additional benefits.


Revenue Defense Offerings

On the Revenue side, Revenue Defense offers:

  • AR Automation
  • Capitalization Feasibility Analysis
  • Quote to Cash Optimization
  • Treasury Management

On the Costs side, you get:

  • Vendor Payments
  • Vendor Costs
  • Labor Optimization
  • Debt vs. Equity Financing Analysis



Transforming the Office of the CFO

Active Cyber provides exclusive dashboards for Prem AP customers expanding upon Workday’s standard delivered reports and high-level representation of the Prem AP business case for both Workday & OSV to the prospect.

Our full platform proven experience allows us to offer faster close times, increased cash management, and more.

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