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Sales and Operations

Integrated Sales and Operations Planning for Better Results

Successful sales and operations planning starts with the right platform to help you view, analyze, and share data for accurate forecasting and informed business decisions.

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Align Operations With Your Organizational Strategies

When you bring supply chain, sales demand, and inventory management together into the same environment, you gain complete alignment of key functions of your organization.

With Workday's Adaptive Planning you can leave the guesswork behind and empower your sales teams to identify trends and variables based on accurate, real-time data — all within one platform that enables alignment across the board.


Save Time and Money

In order to make sound, informed decisions, you need to address planning in a fast, collaborative way. This is critical for improving decision making, stakeholder productivity, and overall strategic enablement.

Through a highly customizable platform you can quickly spin up models to distribute quotas, design territories, and plan headcount to align sales resources to revenue targets.

From implementation to ongoing support, our team of experts are available to ensure that your everyday challenges are drastically reduced.

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We Understand The High Costs of Poor Planning

Your team is experiencing widespread disruption, increased costs with last-minute ordering and shipping, low visibility into operations, and an overall lack of agility. Working with disjointed data is not going to solve the issue.

By adopting a collaborative, comprehensive, and powerful planning platform you can address the granularities and focus points of sales and operations in your business.

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