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    Data In, Insights Out: Financial Planning for Legal Firms

    As a growing law firm, you're in the people business. Your workforce is most likely your largest expense...and with revenue being outcome-based in some cases, planning is critically important.

    Understanding the implications of how you plan your workforce can help you make informed, timely decisions. Many firms are still working with the traditional model of manual spreadsheets - downloading data, feeding that data into spreadsheets, and then sharing those spreadsheets with stakeholders – a low value-add, time-intensive process for highly capable team members. This manual process oftentimes leaves planning timelines plagued with lags and information gaps.

    A modern, collaborative planning process is key for any growing firm. Workday Adaptive Planning makes data immediately available for business leaders to review and/or use to update their plans as needed across financials, workforce, and budget & revenue forecasts.

    Watch this in-depth webinar to fully understand how automation and modernization with Workday Adaptive Planning can accelerate and unify your firm's operations. 



    Data In, Insights Out: Financial Planning for Legal Firms

    Workday Adaptive Planning enables law firms to review and plan for their client engagements & align the best resources to support their business. Through the insight gained with Adaptive Planning, firms can better utilize their existing headcount to support current business, create what-if scenarios to anticipate the impact of rate changes, identify revenue gaps, easily model cash flow forecasts, and make strategic decisions on how to scale their business. A modern planning environment like Workday Adaptive Planning makes these once laborious tasks much simpler and largely automatic.

    Joseph Denk Practice Lead, Planning and Analytics, Active Cyber
    Andrea King Sales Director, Active Cyber
    Cass Holloway Planning Specialist, Workday

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