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Workday Deployment Services

Workday Deployment & Support

For over 10 years, Active Cyber has delivered enterprise cloud solutions that deliver true enterprise value. Investments that allow customers to optimize how they bring their core business offerings to market while making use of advanced technology. Our deployment approach leverages our deep product expertise combined with tools that offer speed and reduce deployment costs.

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Workday Managed Support


Expecting positive outcomes without careful planning can lead to disaster. With Active Cyber’s Advisory Services this is taken care of. From understanding the impact of a cloud-based ERP to your people, how you deliver your products, and the integration to your other systems the challenge can sometimes be daunting. This is when you need a “been there” partner that can provide guidance alongside you, not cookie cutter directives but proven strategies that are applied to your specific needs. These services focus on value opportunity with change management in mind giving you a solid plan that you can be confident will deliver anticipated outcomes.


Rapid Deployment

You’ve made the investment in Workday and you want value now. But how do you avoid the common pitfalls when deploying technology? You go with a partner who brings more than just technology skills but the tools and project delivery approach that is proven to deliver value with speed.

Workday offers the most advanced enterprise platform on the market today with tremendous capabilities right out of the box. Active Cyber will guide you in understanding what can be leveraged immediately and what specific areas of focus that need the most time investment. We know where to spend time and where you don’t have to. This allows us to pass savings directly back to our clients while helping you begin to see the return on your investment as soon as possible.


Post Go-Live Support

So you’re live on Workday? That’s great news! Now you need to ensure that you have a partner who has your back for the long term. From assisting your employees transition to Workday, continuous improvements to your business processes, or simply providing access to the same expertise you had during your deployment,  Active Cyber’s Managed Services delivers.

Our Workday Managed Services are designed to help you do just that.  Our customers benefit from access to expertise when you need them and clear service-level expectations that are designed for you.

We offer:

  • Various packages to support as little or as much support as you may need
  • Active monitoring of your Workday environment and recommendations for product update cycles
  • Facilitate changes or additions to Workday functionality not requiring a full project-based approach
  • Access to the same level of product expertise experienced during your Active Cyber deployment

Our Approach

Your needs will grow over time, including target integrations. Our team are experts in building integrations using tools such as Java, .Net, and Workday Studio.

We offer multiple packages to support continuous integration, admin/user training, and weekly delivered packages for ensured success.

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